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Webtrack is designed to provide the relevant information to the users at all the operation levels of a company, from compliance index reports for owner or director users, up to alerts, warnings, messages and notifications in real time for operational users that need to be informed every minute about the operation of the business.


Take control of the truck fleet and supply chain through Webtrack AVL, our platform will be in charge from now on of every detail of the operation providing compliance indicators, reports, consultations, warnings, on line notifications and warnings that will allow to increase the productivity while you are in charge of planning how to make your business grow.


Designs, controls and assesses the compliance of the operation by the minute. A route is built on interest points brought together through the travelling sections. The route console allows visualizing in real time all the routes in process, notifying if the same are being done in time or if they are delayed, as well as the performance percentage of the same.


A list of all the routes designed in the distribution logistics plan of a company that defines the order in which the clients will be supplied.

Control Point
Defines the exact place where a client, warehouse or any other point of interest belongs where the vehicle must go by during the execution of the route.


It is the road by which two control points are linked and it defines the time needed to go from one point to the other, it can also define the maximum speed and if stops are allowed.

Defines the date and time in which a vehicle must begin the specified route.



Ideal for service or collection delivery companies, for example, courier, delivery service restaurants, and soon.


A Solution for many companies

Companies that provide services and need to immediately dispatch a truck to stores or any other location, taxis, tow trucks, public lighting support services, alarm assistance security companies, and so on.

This solution allows a call center operator to register in real time every request that must be delivered, assign the optimum unit to execute the task, set the maximum and minimum delivery times and supervise the process in real time.

On line Notification and Report

The system supervises in real time the performance in regard to the quality standards set by the company, for example, a notification directly to the manager on duty when a unit is delayed in the time of arrival for a client.

The solution generates reports and charts with statistical indicators regarding the performance of all the deliveries during a period.

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This solutions allows to create an agenda to visit clients with previously set dates and schedules.

The order of the visits may be flexible or strict, in other words as simple as to supervise the visit to a series of places notwithstanding the order, date and schedule or the work plan can be as rigorous as to set minimum and maximum dates and times for the visit with restricted times of stay.

The system supervises in real time the performance as to the standards of quality set forth by the company, for example a notification to the manager on duty when a unit is delayed in the time of arrival for a client.

The solution generates reports and charts with statistical indicators regarding the performance in the execution of one or several visit plans.




Consolidated reports that allow a fleet administrator to know the fuel expenditure as well as the maintenance indicators (distance travelled/fuel consumption) during a defined period.

The fuel report issued by Webtrack logistics, verifies through a crossed algorithm method that the fuel delivery was in deed performed on the vehicle selected at the fuel station indicated in the income form, guaranteeing that the information of the odometer is correct at the time of the delivery, avoiding delays and theft through false documents.

Control on the fuel tank levels through sensors.




Reports and consultations to know the corresponding repairs and maintenance financial expenses of a complete fleet within a period.

The report allows your company to be aware in detail what the cost of each repair of each vehicle is.