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You need to know that everybody its all right

Watch my family

Do you know where your loved ones are?

It locates your family and loved ones anywhere and at all times, Watchme is peace of mind; feel secure knowing that you may be informed and close to your family even when they are not beside you.

Watchme holds a series of functions that help you stay in touch, notwithstanding where you are:

1. Watchme informs you through text messages or e-mails when a member of your family enters or leaves a defined secure place or area, it may be your home, the school, gym, work and so on.

2. Send and receive messages only from your loved ones.

3. Watchme emergency button allows to call for help through a simple click on your phone, immediately sending a text message or email indicating the exact address where you are found.


Localization in several points

Now it is easy to use and take maximum advantage of the technology provided by our servers. This is the reason why everything works to perfection. In addition, it includes great apps that complement the platform. And these apps are highly compatible with iphone and android.



Designs, controls and assesses the compliance every minute of the operation. A route is constituted by several points of interest brought together through travelling sections. The Route Console allows visualizing in real time all the routes in process, notifying if the route is being done on time or is delayed, as well as the execution rate of the same.


Emergency Button
allows a child or teenager for help in two seconds through a simple click , immediately sending text message or email you the mom or dad indicating the exact location where he is.

Watch me button
Feature that allows the children to ask their parents who are awaiting them for a period of time, for example when it comes out very late from school , a friend’s house or be in a danger zone for a period of time.

Reminders by location
You can set alerts so that when passing near a specific location WatchMe you remember something in particular, such as: when you pass near the bakery that reminds you buy bread or when you pass near the pharmacy to buy medicine.

Historical Queries
Meet the places where your kids have been in recent days , is there a teenager in the family lead to ? THEN we recommend downloading Safedriver also esta one application will help reduce accidents caused by Leisure for cell phone use while driving.




Consolidated reports that allow a the family administrator to know where the family members are.

With individual screens for each member of the family, now it contains chat application to communicate directly with any family .

watch me screens



Get all the benefits of Watch my family a free application, if you want to enjoy all functions Webtrack and services , contact us.

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