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Control your workforce


Helping you control your workforce

NOW, you will be able to immediately administrate your work force from your computer for those employees working outside the office.

It allows you to know the exact location of your sellers, messengers, collectors, installers and so on, without the need to spend in field supervision. SuperVISION is an app that you may install in your collaborator’s Smartphones that have an Android or iOS operational system.

  • User control system
  • Location through mobiles
  • Automatic alerts
  • Administration Dashboard

How does it work?

It creates daily, weekly, monthly work agendas (visits to clients or points of interest), supervises the performance of the visit times and schedules. The report allows measuring the performance of the compliance of the work agenda for each worker and consolidated. Our goal is to take geolocation to its highest. In order to achieve this, we have analyzed the complete system and perfected each app., each service, and each detail.

Additionally, we have improved the interface with new presentations so that the information that interests you may be handy. The result is not only a new look but all the potential and simplicity that you need.

Chat and Task Manager

Watch my Business support a private communication chat between all members of the entire organization, it also provide a task manager with wich any job can be assing to an especi c employee in order to execute it.The platform saves every transaction for later use or historical reports.


Dashboard Functions

Since the systems starts to run, the user has an environment where it can view all the condensed data of the path of the people in the platform, in order to have a better control of everything it needs.


Total trips
The control points are elements where the user inputs the information to generate the route or a Geofence, all the elements are interconnected to provide the information required.

Driving Hours
Found on the right side of the screen over the map, these are the elements with which the user may draw a map and with which the user may manipulate the map; it has the following tools: zoom, home, control point, geofence and reference.

Accumulated Tokens
These are traces created dynamically on the screen for the user to visualize the behavior of the tracking unit or to visualize the information requested by the operational user.

In the lower part of the map, in the footer of the page, is found the properties toolbar, and it has on the first division the ability to create new control routes; only input the information and you are ready for a new point of reference.