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The app that save lives


It is a management tutor that is activated during a trip, setting the behavior rules to reduce the probability of an accident.

Safedriver qualifies a trip according to the behavior while driving.

It is a surfing, localization and monitoring application linked to your vehicle through an electronic accessory Bluetooth developed by Webtrack.

Saving Lives

In the world there are more deaths as a consequence of distractions from using the mobile while driving than those caused by drunk driving. In the U.S.A. alone there were 3,328 deaths and more than 421,000 injuries due to accidents caused by distracted drivers.

Safedriver avoids accidents caused by distractions while driving related with the mobile.

How is it done?

If you have activated the responsible Driver function, when you start the car the mobile deactivates the incoming notifications from calls or text messages during a trip, this avoids distractions using the mobile, and if anyone calls while you are driving Safedriver automatically sends a message to the person calling you, indicating that you are driving and that you will return the call later.

Speed Limits

Safedriver warns you with a sound and visual alert in the cabin of the vehicle, when you exceed the speed limit allowed. Safedriver supports the configuration of 3 types of speeds:

  • Speed limit configured by the User or Driver
  • Speed limit configured by the account administrator
  • Speed limit set by the county or borough


Other Options

  • Edit name: the afflictive option that allows to change the name in the device

  • Automatic connection: Connects the device when the application is started.

  • Autoreply: When the car starts you may receive and answer calls and texts, however all the actions related to the use of the mobile during the trip will be sent and kept as warnings to be reviewed by the account administrator.

  • Speed Limits: You may define a speed limit for the user to have better control.

  • Alerts: The applications has visual and sound alters to inform the driver of each of the vehicle’s actions.

  • Safedriver MODE

  • Always: When the car is started the mobile automatically puts off the sound of incoming notifications, the screen on the mobile goes darks and automatic response functions for text messages are activated for those people calling you.
  • Asking: When you start the car, the Safedriver application asks if you wish to activate the responsible driver function during the trip in order to avoid distractions.
  • Never: When the car is started you may receive and respond calls and text messages, however, all the related actions with the use of the mobile during the trip will be sent and kept as warnings so as to be consulted by the account administrator.
  • Videos and Links of Interest

    A distraction is any activity that deviates the attention of a person from the main task of driving. Any distraction places at risk the life of the driver, passenger and any other person that is nearby.

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