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Citizen Alert System

Developed mainly for public and private police, this App coordinates an immediate response for emergency calls through specialized software that administrates the whole request process, from the reception of the alert, delivery, state and closure of the requests recording a logbook of the actions taken by all the operational entities involved.
Due to the importance that the MERC application provides, it provides the easiness to be able to report through a notification, where the location is indicated and the kind of problem that has arisen at that time, to be able to get personalized assistance as soon as possible.

How does it works?

When a citizen is in danger and needs help, the SAC system is activated by pressing a button in their smart phone, the system then sends a silent signal to the private or public police forces. The operator on duty may observe the location where the alert is generated without the citizen having to speak, immediately the monitoring and reaction software indicate the operator of the closest patrol that may provide assistance.
The software allows following the process in real time and assesses the compliance of the operators and patrol through efficiency indicators reports.

Immediate Localization in case of problems

It is proven that the CRIME Citizen Alert System reduces the time of assistance to half, compared to the traditional telephone call system.

This is an ideal system for private security companies that it can use to commercialize massively to citizens in a region or country or in private residential housing project that are large or extensive.

Report System

The system provides reports and statistical indicators showing the emergencies generated over a period of time , patrols attended , arrival times , retention and performance evaluation of efficiency to the standards set by the company.