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Healthcare Alert System

What is Healthcare Alert System?

It is a medical emergency monitoring and assistance system, directed towards the care of personal health. It has an electronically designed device to be used by elderly people, teenagers and children with impairment or a chronic disease. The persons responsible for the health care of an elderly person or a patient with a chronic disease such as Alzheimer, epilepsies, heart chronic illnesses or special persons that suffer from Down Syndrome, Autism and so on must consider subscribing the patient to the Webtrack Health Care Alert System. This will insure the security, independence and wellbeing of the person under their care.



How does it work?

Webtrack Health Care Alert System consists of three components:

  • Device bracelet or impact sensor and emergency button
  • Automatic voice communication system and two-way data
  • Central monitoring and rapid response team.


Fall detection

If a patient or loved one suffers a caĆ­dadebido dizziness, seizure, heart attack, stroke or other illness, the system detects the impact and immediately sends a signal to the monitoring station or directly a text message to a relative. If the person has mobility and awareness can simply press a button to request immediate assistance.

The emergency signal is received at the monitor console Webtrack Health Care, which automatically displays the location of the person and protocol personnel patient procedures.

The response team will communicate with the user through the console and evaluate the situation and also check personal protocol for the medical risks and determine who should be notified within the predefined list for this type of event, either a relative, neighbor , doctor or nearest hospital.