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The Ideal solution for dispatch companies like: courier, restaurants and others.


A Solution for many companies
Companies that provide services and need to immediately dispatch a truck to stores or any other location, taxis, tow trucks, public lighting support services, alarm assistance security companies, and so on.

This solution allows a call center operator to register in real time every request that must be delivered, assign the optimum unit to execute the task, set the maximum and minimum delivery times and supervise the process in real time.

On line Notification and Report

The system supervises in real time the performance in regard to the quality standards set by the company, for example, a notification directly to the manager on duty when a unit is delayed in the time of arrival for a client.

The solution generates reports and charts with statistical indicators regarding the performance of all the deliveries during a period.




Safe Deliveries 100%

You can monitor deliveries and their drivers , verifying that each package is delivered according to your schedule , so we can provide the best service that the customer deserves.

Save time on repetitive tasks and make shipping and managing your shipments more efficient with one of our dispatch services.

Our three dispatch systems allow you to:
  • Store the addresses of your customers
  • See their own delivery speed
  • Automatically have a charge
  • Receive confirmation of your request by email
  • Track their offices
  • See their shipment history


Intelligent tracking

Follow up on the packages you receive, it is now much easier. The location of each installment will be even easier to control. It is our tracking service through the web for clients with account Webtrack. -a Provides automatic notifications you or who you especifique- by e-mail or text message, the time they were picked up or delivered shipments. FastRoad also allows you to monitor their shipments online by account number and status.

This means that you will always be informed, wherever you are and lets you keep your customers and colleagues informed at all times.

Custom Location Mapping System

You can check all the benchmarks and delivery addresses from your business, and allow you to control each package to be delivered according to the set schedule. You can connect to the device that controls the routing of packets to be delivered, thereby providing an accuracy of the route that it has, like deliveries.