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Car localization technology


What is Apptrack?

New and revolutionary ways to track, protect and secure vehicles, as well as for fleet controls in order to maximize the efficiency of the circuits and measure the behavior of the driver while the vehicle is on the run.

AppTrack finds and sends commands from and to the car in a remote manner, through the internet, in real time, without the need to install a GPS and without the need to hire an additional data plan for the vehicle.


Anti-theft Functions

  • Automatic immobilizer
  • Anti-theft
  • Emergency button
  • Notification when leaving secure areas
  • Notification when arriving to high risk areas

Road Safety/AppTrack Premium

Alarms in case of speeding:
Audible notification of a specific speed for the user
Notification to administrative user
Speed alarm defined by the government


New Maps System

Now it is easy to use and take maximum advantage of the technology of our servers. That is why everything works perfectly. In addition it comes with great apps that complement the platform. This apps are also highly compatible with iphone and android.

Or goal is to take geolocation to its highest level. To achieve this, we have fully analyzed the system and perfected each app, each service, and each detail. Additionally, we have improved the interface with a new presentation so that the information may be handy for you at all time. The result is not only a new look, but all the strength and simplicity you may wish.

New configuration functions

One of the best assets is that attends the latest last generation needs, with an elegant design that you will love to use every day. In Webtrack, the response item provides new ways to get things done that you always do. Visualizing the widgets, tracking maps through Internet and organizing elements have a simple and elegant appearance and have been improved with new functions.