About Us

Webtrack is one of the companies from the Smart Solutions Group, we are dedicated to the investigation and development of products in the security industry.

We are a group of engineers with more than 23 years of experience in research and development of security technology. Ten years ago we decided to incorporate Webtrack S.A. in order to be able to provide a strong, trustworthy and financially accessible GPS platform to large and small companies interested in being a part of the localization and tracking industry through the GPS technology.

In 1997, as per request of one of the largest insurance companies worldwide we began to develop unconventional security systems to reduce car theft deemed high risk in Latin America. The systems developed have been used by more than 23 insurance companies and they have been able to save more than US$10 million dollars.


In 2005 Webtrack was only a software platform developed for companies that wished to sell GPS services to the end consumer, however, due to its speedy growth under the B2B model this service required of a more complete organizational structure for its administration and support. Therefore, in 2010 what began as a product turned into a whole company that provides other companies with software and hardware tools as well as with the know-how acquired through 18 years in the Geolocation industry.

Nowadays, companies that wish to introduce a localization service product through the GPS technology to their catalogue, have a financially available option and the same is easy to implement. Our competitive advantages in regards to other companies is the excellent technical support given by our team of engineers, or continuous technological innovation which allows our clients to compete with differentiated products, flexible business plans for the acquisition of the license which accommodates the requirements and budget of our commercial partners.

WEBTRACK takes on any kind of company, those beginning their business as well as those large international companies.

Webtrack´s mission is to develop software and provide our commercial partners, solutions that allow them to be on the top of their game insofar as technology goes, so as to be able to reach the best profitability rates in the market.


1. Our commercial partners have a 60% monthly profit margin for every active GPS.
2. If your profile adapts, we train your personnel so that you may configure, install and provide support for your clients.
3. Webtrack may personalize the screens and reports with the corporate image of your company.